New building arrives for Esterhazy Daycare


The new extension building for Esterhazy Community Daycare Cooperative arrived on site on Wednesday, July 22.

So far, the Daycare has received much-appreciated funding from the following businesses:-

  • Mosaic – $50 000
  • RBC – $10 000
  • NVCU – $10 000
  • Realtors of Saskatchewan – $5000
  • Macro Properties – $4000

There are still a few projects that they’re hoping to get funding for. These include:-

  • Decks (Funding for building the decks for the addition)
  • Kitchen (Funding expanding and renovation of  kitchen space)
  • Backyard (Creating a backyard space that encourages Play and Exploration)
  • Staff Room (Funding for the furnishings and equipment of the new space)
  • Laundry Room (Funding for creating a new laundry room)
  • Storage (Funding for creating effective storage throughout the building)

The pictures below were supplied by the daycare. Click any image to open the viewer.


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