Crop sprayers a-plenty at Esterhazy airport


Some folks like them, and some folks hate them, but whatever your feelings about them, you’ve got to admire the piloting skills of the guys that fly them.

We’re talking about crop sprayers, and the last few weeks, a veritable squadron of the specialist aircraft has taken up temporary residence at Esterhazy Airport, making it a home away from their real home back in Manitoba.

As a life-long aviation enthusiast, I could not resist getting closer to these machines this afternoon. They represented a good cross section of the class, with piston, radial and turbine engine variants on the ramp, and examples representing competing manufacturers Piper, Cessna and Air Tractor.

Click on any image below to open the viewer, and thanks again to our platinum sponsors (NVCU, Kevin Zazula, Pharmasave Esterhazy and Crushrite concrete) for their support of our photographic efforts.

And to the lads that fly them… Stay safe guys!


One response to “Crop sprayers a-plenty at Esterhazy airport

  1. Good article Kenneth. Sometimes we take what is going on around us for granted, knowing little about it. You always find the perfect way to enlighten!!
    Barry Dilts

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