The real Hazy Days!


As reported earlier today, Environment Canada has issued an Air Quality Statement as smoke continues to come southward from the fires. You can keep an eye on the latest alerts for the province at the official website HERE. Areas are listed alphabetically, so you need to go right down the list to “Yorkton, Melville, Esterhazy.”

hazygravelWe decided to go out and about for a while this afternoon to check it out for ourselves. While the picture at the left does not look too bad, on the drive from Stockholm to Melville, it was clear that visibility was significantly reduced north of Dubuc. In fact, on the road into Melville itself, it was down to 1.2km as best as we could measure. The smell of smoke in Melville was pretty strong too, so it’s probably a good idea to avoid lengthy stays outdoors.

While the air is less than fresh, the smoke is obscuring the sun significantly, turning it into an interesting shade of orange. Normally I wouldn’t turn the camera onto the sun, but this afternoon I decided to try it, without looking directly in the viewfinder I might add! Interesting shot.


Anyway, just be careful folks, and remember, you might want to bring your pets indoors too!

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