Special Air Quality Statement in effect


At 10:02 this morning, Environment Canada issued a series of air quality alerts that blanket much of the province. One of those alerts is for the Yorkton, Melville, Esterhazy area, and it reads as follows.

Widespread smoke across much of Saskatchewan.

A large area of smoke from forest fires over Northern Saskatchewan and Northwest Territories continues to blanket much of Saskatchewan. Visibilities have been reduced to less than 2 km in many areas this morning especially in Central and Northern Saskatchewan, closer to the fires. Air quality is poor in many areas due to the smoke. Smoke near the ground may cause potentially high health risk conditions. The smoke is expected to persist over the next couple of days.”

Some online sources are advising that outdoor strenuous activity be avoided at this time, and suggestions have been given that people with breathing issues either remain indoors or at the least carry their inhalers with them.

One response to “Special Air Quality Statement in effect

  1. Last night the air was so thick, it was like trying to breathe a thick soup. It’s better today, thank goodness.

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