Barry Off becomes Saskatchewan President for the Elks!

Photo by Tim Zich

Photo by Tim Zich

Barry Off has been honoured by becoming the Saskatchewan President for the Elks of Canada. The inauguration took place during the Provincial Elks Conference, which was held in Esterhazy from June 11 to June 14 and hosted by the Esterhazy Elks.

Sharon Off had this to say of the event and her husband.

Wow this was one of the most outstanding Weekends, of all time. I am so Proud of Barry’s accomplishment of becoming Saskatchewan President of the Elks. He has worked hard for this. For many years he has done numerous things that no one will even know that he has done, and hours spent doing them without blinking a eye.”

Indeed the Elks is very much about making a difference in communities. The organization was founded in 1912 as a fraternal fellowship, but is now open to both men and women of good standing in their community. Their mission statement describes the Elks as “A Canadian volunteer organization of men and women serving communities” and their vision is “To be the most progressive family focused organization in Canada, meeting community and member needs and expectations.”

We congratulate Barry on this accolade and have no doubt that he will continue to do what he has always done, serving others and making an impact with humility. Well done sir!

The following pictures were shared with EsterhazyOnline by Barry and Sharon’s daughter, Dalene Wolfe. Thank you Dalene for your assistance in this article. Click any image to open the viewer.


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