Marion and Les Kell celebrate 70 years of marriage


2015 is a long way from 1945, 70 years to be exact, and it’s a different world today from the war-ravaged planet that existed back then. Many things change, but some things endure, and perhaps the greatest thing that withstands the test of time is love.

As a testament to that truth, Marion and Les Kell (both older than 95), celebrated their 70th anniversary yesterday (June 15th) with friends and family present at The Maple Street Manor in Esterhazy. There was entertainment, singing, cake, laughter and love.

Both EsterhazyOnline and the Miner Journal newspaper were there to share the joy, and the pictures below come from both media outlets. We join in congratulating Marion and Les. May you be blessed with health and togetherness now and into the future.

Click on any image below to see larger versions in the viewer. (Miner Journal readers are encouraged to see next week’s edition for printed pictures, a copy of the paper will make a great souvenir for family and friends in years to come).

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