EHS Principal’s Message, events and newsletter for June

gordPrincipal’s Message- June 2015

As the school year winds down, I have just a few comments.

Extracurricular Awards Day is on the morning of June 12. I encourage parents to participate in this celebration in recognizing their children’s accomplishments. Band Concert is on June 10 at 7:00 pm in the Sr. Gym.

Final exams run from June 19-25. I urge high school students to work hard to prepare for these important exams.

Graduation will occur on June 26 at the S.N. Boreen Hall. Supper starts at 4:30, with exercises commencing at 7:30.

We say farewell to Mr. Krawetz and Mr. Jacobs who have been covering parental leaves this year for Ms. Chewka and Ms. Copp. I thought that both of these gentlemen have done an excellent job in teaching their students this year. We will miss their vitality and energy. I wish all the best in their future.

Please note: we will hand out report cards on June 26. This is the last day of classes for the grade 6-8 students. In the past, report cards have gone out on the last day of school, and few students returned to get their report cards. We are trying to eliminate costly postal charges, and I urge that all students or their parents make an effort to pick up their report cards before the end of June. We will mail out report cards upon request.

I wish you all a relaxing and safe summer holiday. Students start school on September 1 next year. We will see you then!


June 12 – Grade 6-12 Sports & Participation Awards at 9am
June 12 – BBQ lunch provided by the ESA
June 12 – dance for grades 9-12
June 16 – Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentoring Program Wind up
June 16/17 – Grade 7 band trip to Peace Gardens…leaving Tuesday
June 18 – Grade 6 band to  PJ Gillen school and Carlton Trail
June 19 – Final Exams start for grade 10-12
June 22 – Final Exams start for grade 9’s
June 22 – Jr. Awards Pool Party Day
June 25 – last day of exams for grades 9-12
June 26 – Gr. 6-8 last day of classes take your report card home with you -they will not be mailed unless requested.  If not picked up they will be available at the office in the fall.
June 26 – Grad banquet at 4:30 for grads and parents, Grad Exercises at 7:30pm
June 29, 30 – Gr. 9-12 your report cards will be available to pick up at the office from 1 pm – 4 pm on June 29th, and from 9am – 1 pm on June 30th – they will not be mailed unless requested.  If not picked up they will be available at the office in the fall.

The full June newsletter is available s a PDF document by clicking the link below.

JUNE 2015


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