Mosaic included in founding partner announcement by Roughriders


Fans of the Saskatchewan Roughriders are pretty happy this week. Not only has football officially returned with the kick off of rookie camp, but the team also announced the identity of the first four of 12 founding partners that are ensuring the development of the all-new Mosaic stadium in Regina. These four are The Mosaic Company, SaskTel, Harvard Broadcasting and Capital Automotive Group.

Earlier this week, The Roughriders President and CEO, Craig Reynolds said, “Complex major projects, like the new stadium, don’t happen without incredible commitment and strong partnerships. And we are extremely lucky to have great partners in the province of Saskatchewan and the city of Regina. This morning’s announcement is about recognizing those strong partnerships in the corporate community. Today we’re very pleased to recognize significant and long term founding partnerships with four companies who all have significant ties to this province, and who have made major commitments to this incredible new stadium and to our football team.”

Walt Precourt, (Mosaic’s Senior VP of Potash) said, “It’s a great long term relationship that includes not only financial things for the Riders, but there are also ways that we are going to partner to reach out into the community to give folks the opportunity who might not otherwise get to games, or to be involved with the players.”

The new $40 million stadium will retain the name “Mosaic Stadium” due to Mosaic renewing the naming rights agreement last year. It will be located three blocks west of the current stadium, and will be able to accommodate up to 40,000 fans. For more information on the new stadium, please go to the following link.

We thank Steve Mazurak, the Roughriders VP of Sales and Partnerships, for permission to use the photograph at the top of this article.

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