Dusting off the Displays – June 2015

From The Community Museum Society


Who knows what this is and has a story to share? This is one of the many items on display at the museum.We have many unique finds at the museum. Most of them are items that are common, but we do have a few artifacts that were used for a specific purpose and have a story, but we need your input, advice and keen sense of memory to put a story and name to mystery  objects.

We will be putting displays together for the summer. One of the displays will feature those unknown relics. Another display will showcase old pictures of people , places or events that we would like to identify. Who is it? What is it?

Please come this summer to the museum and check us out again and again! Watch for ‘Dusting Off The Displays’ to resume in September.

4 responses to “Dusting off the Displays – June 2015

  1. This is a metal box to hang on the wall and to store your matches.

  2. I think this is a wooden match dispenser. You put the wooden match box in the opening, vertically, and they rolled out so you could just pick them out one at a time.

  3. Marvin Ottenbreit

    This looks very much like a holder for wooden matches my parents had close to the wood stove at home. The outside cover of the matchbox would be slid up and matches would roll out into the opening. The opening on the side gave access to the sandpaper on the side of the matchbox.

  4. It’s been alot of years, but I am sure my dad had one. He had hanging on a wall which he used it to store wooden matches. It was handy for him to light hanging lanterns etc. We didn’t have power in those days.

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