Spray park envisioned!


The idea of a spray park in Esterhazy is very appealing. We have a lot of young families with energetic youngsters, we have warm summers when the heat can sometimes feel oppressive, and we have spaces in the town where such a facility would be a perfect addition to already popular amenities. That’s why the idea is gaining both popularity and momentum, and now has an enthusiastic board of directors to bring life to it.

With the support and backing of the Town of Esterhazy, who will provide the land and maintenance, fundraising activities have already begun, and these will accelerate as the year progresses. Also, with the assistance of the town’s recreation director, grants are being explored, and applications for funding are being made where appropriate.

The anticipated cost is considerable. Best estimates seem to suggest that it will take around $300,000 to create the park. However, there is talk of trying to reduce that figure through work bees and potential donations of materials and labour from local companies.

The location being considered is just to the south of the swimming pool, although access to the spray park will not be governed by or limited to the hours of operation of the pool. The park would also be fenced for security and safety, with entry being gained through a gate.

Today, the first artistic impressions of the proposed park were released, and now the public can see the vision that the board of directors has been holding. In keeping with the nature of the local area, some features would have a distinct potash mining theme, while others would reflect the agricultural heritage of the region.

And so, it is with pleasure that we pass on these images to our readers. Click on any image below to see a larger version within the viewer. And remember, if you want to donate to the project, you can contact Erin at the following email address. erin.unchulenko@gmail.com



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