Redeemer Lutheran celebrates 50 years of living in God’s grace


Esterhazy’s Redeemer Lutheran Church celebrated their 50-year anniversary this weekend, with special events on both Saturday and Sunday under the banner of “Living in God’s Grace.”

The celebration included registration, vesper service, and coffee and visiting on Saturday, with a full Sunday program that saw participants enjoying worship, lunch, and a special celebratory presentation.

The printed booklet best described the spirit of the weekend with these words. “As we share this time of praise and celebration, we are ever thankful for the blessings God has so richly chosen to bestow upon us. We pray that just as God has blessed us in the past fifty years, God will continue to bless us in the future.”

What was also apparent was that receiving God’s blessings means in turn being of service to others, sharing the blessings of grace with those both within and without the congregation. Time after time, this was the thread that weaved through greetings and letters from past members and clergy, as they remembered their fellowship with Redeemer Lutheran, and the positive impact the congregation had made on their lives.

Also in attendance on Sunday afternoon was MLA Bob Bjornerud, and Esterhazy Major Pauline Chewka, each of whom offered their own words of congratulation to the congregation. Musical selections were performed by members both young and senior, and following the formal presentations, and the singing of “God be with you”, a time of friendship and fellowship was enjoyed together with cake and refreshments.

We congratulate the congregation for their welcoming ministry, through which they have also shared, as Pastor Lori James said, “The welcome of God.”

Enjoy the 50 pictures below, in honour of the event. Open the viewer by clicking any image below.

2 responses to “Redeemer Lutheran celebrates 50 years of living in God’s grace

  1. Thank you Kenneth. You did a great job capturing the events of the day.

  2. Lorraine Powell

    Congratulations!! What a wonderful event. We are so sorry that we were not able to attend, but hold you in our thoughts and prayers. Lorraine & Family

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