Esterhazy Community Museum hosts archivist workshop

From Dianne Kirby

archivist1The Esterhazy Community Museum was host to an Archivist Workshop on Wednesday April 29, 2015 from 9:30 till 4:30. Cameron Hart from the Saskatchewan Council for Archives and Archivists presented volunteers an Introduction to Archives.

Members from Esterhazy Community Museum, Kaposvar Historic Society, Wolseley Museum, Whitewood Museum and city of Yorkton employees were in attendance. They had a chance to glimpse into the basics of preservation, accessioning, arranging, storing, handling, cataloguing and displaying of archives. Archives can be letters, photos, graphs, maps, ledgers, notes, documents, oral histories, videos, and audio tapes.

archivist2Some surprising information gleaned from the presentation was that archives may be current collection pieces that will eventually have meaning and value to society in time. An example would be: catalogues, telephone bills or a pay stub. We save personal archives such as awards, personal letters or cards, school year books, ticket stubs and newspapers. Archives may have monetary value that needs to be appraised. This could include  such items as signed hockey jerseys or signed notes or signed baseball cards. We also discussed RAD—rules for archival description.

It was a day well spent with all of us attaining plenty of archives knowledge in a short period of time. We all walked away with a better understanding as to the value of archives, collecting and storing and proper preservation of archives.

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