Dusting off the Displays – Response

Esterhazy Community Museum Society

Response to: What Is It?


The public who viewed this month’s artifact from the museum called them pliers or pinchers and some believed they could be clappers used to form a metal mold for bullets. The concern with that theory is that the pinchers are solid and ribbed. One person thought they could be a medical tool.


A couple of months ago we shared a mystery object found in the Flour Mill. Mill volunteers were stymied as to its purpose.


One of our volunteers has done some research and believes it could be a ‘Bottle Weight’. A bottle weight is a cone shaped piece of turned wood. It is attached to a strap that is wrapped around the tethering staff and holds the staff in constant position to maintain the grind.

Thank you for responses and watch for a’ Rare Find’ for the month of May.

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