Parkland Manufacturing hosts important safety event


Safety Advisors from SCSA (Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association) were on hand at Parkland Manufacturing in Esterhazy today, holding safety demonstrations and giving advice regarding health and safety issues.

It was all part of the North American Occupational Safety and Health Week, (which actually begins in May), an initiative that has been running across the USA, Canada and Mexico with the intent of increasing awareness of injury and illness prevention in the workplace, at home and in the community.

The event included demonstrations, a barbecue meal, and a guest speaker from Mosaic. Attendees included employees from Parkland Manufacturing, surrounding companies, SARCAN, and students from Esterhazy High School.

Some of the demonstrations highlighted the importance of wearing approved safety gloves and glasses, and the protective capabilities of safety helmets. These demos employed a variety of imaginative techniques, including shooting nails into glasses in a protected cabinet, and dropping heavy objects onto a mannequin’s head adorned with a suitable helmet.

The event stressed the importance of increasing safety awareness as a measure for maintaining enjoyment of life. A simple injury to a person’s hand could easily put an end to a lifetime hobby such as golf for example. And the ramifications of an eye injury from a stone thrown from a lawn mower could be very serious indeed. Both these injuries (and many others) can be lessened or prevented by wearing readily-available safety equipment.

Enjoy the pictures below. Brought to you by our Platinum sponsors. NVCU, Kevin Zazula, Pharmasave Esterhazy, Maple Communications and Crushrite. Our thanks also to Parkland Manufacturing for hosting this important and eye-opening event. Open the picture viewer by clicking any thumbnail.

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