“Shredded Physiques” is coming to Esterhazy

“Shredded Physiques”… Hmm, at first I thought it was a reference to what I wanted to do to my physics textbooks when I was a teenager! But… no!

According to their website, “Shredded Physiques is a highly motivated and educated team ready to empower clients to embrace fitness as a lifestyle. Knowledge builds confidence, so we take the time to explain fundamentals of our exercise and nutrition programs offered. We deliver results by teaching techniques that guarantee the most with emphasis on safe and effective execution. We progressively introduce a wide variety of appropriate goal specific plans. Shredded Physiques  team takes your expectations seriously and provides the utmost care and satisfaction for your goals.”

They also say… “Eat better, Run longer, Feel stronger, and look better. No goal too big or small is ever unattainable.”

If you resonate with these intentions, then you’ll be interested to know that the Shredded Physiques team is coming to Esterhazy for two seminars on May 3 and May 6. These events are being held at Underground Fitness, (428 Main Street, Esterhazy), and the cost is $25 per person. The price covers both events.

So, check out the poster below, and if you plan to attend, click on the link HERE to purchase your tickets.


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