SKM Developments expands business model


Their site is located at the Northeast end of Esterhazy, nestled alongside the golf course at 4th Avenue and Dennis Street. Some people have even said it is home to “Esterhazy’s finest lots.”  We’re talking about SKM Developments, and their “Valley View Subdivision.”

Often, there’s an increased interest in real estate when the warmer weather comes in. Many people prefer to move when the weather is kind, and let’s face it, construction is a lot easier when you’re not battling frozen ground and blocked site access roads. With that in mind, we took a drive to Valley View this morning, intent on finding out how progress was going in the area.

And indeed, progress is being made. While the paved roads are not in yet (they are imminent though), the site is no longer empty. At least one house is complete and occupied, and several others are well-advanced in their construction. The big surprise however, was the presence of one new house with a “For Sale” sign on it. Considering this was originally a subdivision that was only offering vacant lots, this was clearly a change in business methodology. We decided to find out more.

In chatting with one of the partners, Mark Faul, we learned that a significant expansion in the SKM business model is taking place. While people can still purchase a lot and then build a house on it themselves, the company is now going to pre-build several houses and offer them for sale. Not only that, but a third option is available. Buy the lot and then have SKM arrange the construction. As a former sales director on a subdivision myself, I was delighted to see this business move on the part of SKM. It is clearly a move forward to offer the buying public more choice.

Speaking of choice, let’s explore the SKM-built house that is now being constructed. At this stage the drywall has not yet gone up, so there’s not much to see on the inside, but exterior construction is advanced enough to get a clear picture of the property. Not only that, we also got our hands on the plans, and we present them below, along with some more photographs. (Note, plans are reproduced at low resolution, so the writing is obscured.)

In the next month or so, when the drywall is complete, SKM plans to hold an open house at this new property, and that’s where choice comes in. A buyer will be able to specify a number of preferences with regard to fixtures. That’s always a good thing, it was one of those popular options that my own clients really appreciated back in my real estate days.

We will keep readers informed of the progress of this subdivision, and when the date is announced for an open house, we will let you know. In the meantime, congratulations SKM on being forward thinking, and I wish you every success. For more information on SKM Developments, call Mark at (306) 745-8744.

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