Preview of the April 21st EHS Dessert Theatre


If you enjoy eating dessert, and school theatre productions, (not necessarily in that order), you will love the Esterhazy High School Dessert Theatre production on Tuesday, April 21. It begins at 7:00 p.m. and brings together the talents of both the junior and senior drama students.

The juniors begin the evening with a series of vignettes, these include such titles as:-

  • The trial of Goldilocks
  • The old shoe lady
  • A sticky case of trauma
  • The mystery of Hemstead House.

Dessert and beverages will be served after the juniors have performed, and then it’s the turn of the seniors to strut their stuff.

The senior production is entitled “The 9 worst breakups of all time”, and if you really want a look inside the world of romance from a teenage point of view, you have GOT to take in this play! It is full of great acting, sparkling dialogue, and some very nifty set changes between scenes. In fact, EsterhazyOnline got to see the whole senior production during their rehearsal/performance for fellow students this morning!

Check out the pictures below for a foretaste, but better still, plan to attend the entire event at the High School tomorrow night. Adult admission is $8, student admission is $4, and under 5’s are free.

Open the gallery below by clicking any thumbnail and then progress through the slides inside the viewer.


One response to “Preview of the April 21st EHS Dessert Theatre

  1. Jeannine LeSann

    Thank you so much for coming to the school today to take pictures and watch the show. It was greatly appreciated especially because it was such short notice. I love the pictures. Take care.

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