Travis Campbell is still lifting with the best


Local man Travis Campbell is continuing to show that he can lift with the best of them. He just returned last night from the Canadian Powerlifting Union Nationals, an event that was held in St John’s, Newfoundland for most of last week.

The Nationals brought together powerlifters from across Canada, performing and competing in a variety of events and classes. Travis however found himself in an interesting situation, competing against his own personal best.

While most lifters have recently gravitated to “Classic” lifting, Travis excels in the “Equipped” category. This category allows the lifter to wear some supportive clothing. In the specific category Travis lifted in, the 93 kilo Junior Weight Class, he was the only male competitor. He therefore strove to better his own records, and he did it too.

weight1Travis achieved a personal best in two out of three events. Specifically he achieved 150 kilos (331 lbs) in bench, and 227.5 kilos (502 lbs) in deadlift. These personal records of course delighted him. He also admirably managed 210 kilos (463 lbs) in squat.

While the nationals ran from Tuesday to Saturday, the events Travis performed in were on the last day. Although this gave him plenty of time to watch fellow lifters, the scheduling did bring a down-side. While others got to eat great meals after their events were over, Travis had to keep on eating salads for the duration of the competition!

So what’s next for this young dynamo? There are two events he is now considering. First, the North American Powerlifting Championship takes place in Moose Jaw in July. This will bring lifters from the USA to Saskatchewan to compete against their Canadian counterparts. Travis has just a few weeks to decide whether to enter this event or not.

On the larger scale, there are the Powerlifting Worlds in Prague in the late summer. Should Travis decide to enter this international event, he will also seek sponsorship to assist him in getting there. We will keep readers posted if this transpires.

In the meantime, Travis has no plans to quit. Indeed, he said that Saskatchewan has a new powerlifter this year, and gentleman who is 71 years old! Clearly, Travis has a LONG way to go before that number comes his way.

Well done Travis!

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