Supporting growth in local communities

It is always good to know that local businesses are giving back to the community they work within. Here in Esterhazy, we have seen countless sterling examples of local business owners and shopkeepers putting in time, money and effort to assist multiple causes. These have ranged from the playground at EHS, to the group home, and from the community daycare to the St. Anthony’s building fund, and many other local beneficiaries.

Some local companies are not just local however. A prime example is RBC. Sure, the branch on Main Street is both manned by locals and serves locals, but the corporate entity itself is national. So does the spirit of giving and community support also expand exponentially in that case? The answer is yes.

The very best illustration of this reality is to think about the provincial and regional level. Recently, I received an email from RBC showing the numerous causes they have supported across the Regina and Parkland areas. Since so many of these are causes that readers would know about (including some right here in the immediate hinterland of Esterhazy), I thought I’d share the poster that was included in the correspondence.

Our thanks go, on behalf of the community, not just to RBC, but to all the businesses, large or small, that give back so often and so generously for the betterment of us all. The poster may be clicked for a larger version.



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