Town of Esterhazy and Sunrise Health celebrate volunteerism


The Town of Esterhazy joined forces with Sunrise Health Region this afternoon to celebrate the spirit of volunteerism, and to show appreciation for many of the local people who freely give their time to enrich the lives of others. In the past, the two bodies have held separate events, so this was indeed a first, and it drew a crowd of approximately 110 people to the Boreen Centre.

The event kicked off with the welcome by Tracy Howard, Recreation Director for the Town of Esterhazy. This was followed by a brief address from Mayor Pauline Chewka, who also introduced the guest speaker, Suzette Szumutku, Director of Volunteer Services for Sunrise Health Region.

Suzette made good use of the overhead projector in her presentation, weaving together personal stories, anecdotes, slides and even video clips. Her overall message was themed around the concept of “The Ripple Effect”, through which she effectively described how one act of volunteerism encourages another, then another, and so on.

There were several draws of items donated by local businesses, this was handled by Linda Abdai, Recreation Coordinator for Centennial Special Care Home. Then, grace was offered by Father Valentine, and entertainment was provided by local singer Rachel Dancsok during the luncheon.

A great event celebrating a great community of selfless givers.

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