Dusting off the displays – March issue

“Dusting Off the Displays”
What is it ?
From : The Esterhazy Community Museum

The Esterhazy Community Museum will be periodically presenting images of artifacts on display at the museum. Our intent is to stimulate conversation and appreciate the impact that these “rare finds” have had in our lives.

We did not have any responses to our posting of the telephone. This could have implied that we weren’t reaching people, but we continue to hear stories of people still trying to identify the previous Mystery object. This helped us to realize that even though we receive no response we are still generating conversation about museum items and that is our GOAL.


This particular item has baffled our own “Guru” of museum artifactsas to its purpose. The grabbers or clappers are made of metal with rounded filled in pinchers. They are approximately 7 inches long and are manufactured by TIMMINS & SONS. This is stamped into the metal on the handle.

Anyone who knows and can explain what this artifact is and/or has a story to connect to the item is welcome to send their responses to:

The Esterhazy Community Museum,

Box 1744, Esterhazy, SK, S0A-0X0

e-mail the museum at esterhazy.museum@sasktel.net

Your response may be published and your name will be withheld

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