Mosaic donates $50,000 to Esterhazy Community Daycare Cooperative


Recently, we reported on the expansion that is planned for Esterhazy Community Daycare Cooperative (HERE). This morning, the daycare received a significant portion of their anticipated financial needs, when Mosaic handed them a giant, apple-shaped cheque for $50,000.

Paul Gill, General Manager of K1 said, “At Mosaic, our business is rooted in a commitment to sustainability. We invest carefully in the areas where we operate, for long term economic growth and impact. We’re committed to growing vibrant communities where our employees work and live. Our communities reflect who we are and the values we share. We are proud to support Esterhazy families.

Having a local option for daycare that provides a healthy and safe place for our children is important. The Esterhazy Daycare Cooperative is the only childcare facility in town and with approximately 70 parents that work for Mosaic; this partnership has special meaning for the company. We want to continue to assist families now and into the future.

I am proud to announce that Mosaic is contributing $50,000 towards the expansion of the Esterhazy Community Daycare Cooperative. This contribution today will significantly help Noel and his team to build onto the existing facility to support more families.”

Over and above today’s donation, Mosaic has also contributed $10,000 a year to the Daycare.

Noel De Beer, the daycare’s Executive Director, commented, “With the continued expansion happening at Mosaic, having a local daycare facility available for new families moving to Esterhazy is a great amenity. The expansion here at our daycare will allow parents to have their children attend a local daycare facility, rather than traveling outside of Esterhazy for daycare. Thank you Mosaic for supporting us. We are, and will continue to care for and make a difference in the lives of children in our community.

For those who might have missed it, you can see the floor plans and artist’s drawings of the expansion¬†HERE.

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