Skate Esterhazy Gala – Celebrating a great season!


Hot on the heels (or blades) of their recent “Muppet Show” performance, Skate Esterhazy held their own gala last night. Unlike the public show, this is more of an internal affair, a chance to look back at achievements, perform mostly for family and fun, and celebrate another fine skating season.

Skate Esterhazy describes it in these words.

It’s an evening to celebrate all of our Star and Competitive skaters. First each one is given the opportunity to showcase their talents and newly learned skills on the ice. It’s a program of their choosing, and since not all of them get a solo on the night of our Ice Show, this is a chance for them all to shine.

Following the on ice portion the skaters and their coach/coaches head upstairs to a supper planned by them, for them. The kids choose the menu and divi up the items provided by the families while the parents head off somewhere for supper together as well.

Following supper, the parents and family join the skaters and we have an awards evening where we celebrate the kids for their achievements such as tests they have passed, skater’s of the month, skater of the year, team of the year and several others.

EsterhazyOnline was there last night, at least for the skating segment of the event. With better lighting than was available for photography on the night of their main show, it was too good an opportunity to pass by. So, no apologies for another good-sized gallery of pictures, as we celebrate the end of the season with these talented young people.

Click on any image to open the viewer.

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