Stockholm play a success once again


Well folks, there’s some mighty fine actin’ goin’ on in them there parts of Stockholm!” –  Which roughly translates to the simple message that Stockholm’s “Sow’s Belly Soup Group” acting troupe has done it again, by pulling off a superb performance for the 2015 incarnation of their annual dinner theatre production.

This year it was a western, well, not in the sense of “cowboys and Indians” mind you, but a period piece set in the old wild west, with the action taking place in a hotel that’s been erroneously willed to a conniving widow.

The play was called “Blazing Guns at Long Ravine”, and it had plenty of comedic moments (both scripted and unscripted) to keep the audience laughing. And that was a good thing really, for the plot itself was somewhat simplistic and devoid of the twists and turns that have been seen in previous productions.

The acting was fantastic, as were the costumes and set. The actors were obviously having a blast on the stage, and the times that they improvised made for pretty sparkling and memorable moments. There was genuine chemistry between the actors, and you sensed these were friends having a great time performing for their audience. Well done gang!

On the evening we attended the show (March 13), the meal was catered by Majestic Catering, on previous performances it had been provided by Esterhazy Bowlarena.

The actors and actresses for this year’s performance were: Breanne Hedstrom, Scott Sefton, Brent Drozda, Megan Duchek, Jason Nichols, April Martin-Chaban, Reid Hedstrom, along with newcomers Brad Burman and Kylee Tonita, and MC Elyce Wilson.

Behind the scenes for 2015 were crew members Michelle Banga, Angie Herperger, Brent Drozda, Kelly Junek, Jamie Sondergaard, Reid Hedstrom, Terri Duchek, Kyla Cook, Blair Banga, Jared Cook, Scott Sefton, Brad Burman, Carrie Junek, Megan Duchek. Alana Burman and Laurie Smart.

Door prizes were donated by D.J. Cairns, Pure Harmony, Kim Banga, Kylee Tonita, Rae Dobko, April Chaban, Megan Schreiner, Samantha Smart-Sondergaard, Christine Drotar, Renee Nagy, Michelle Fuhr, Plasti Lite Signs, Cookie’s Crochet Creations, Terah Berstrom and Karla Meacham.

An extra special thanks was given to George Chopping of Old George’s Antique Museum & Hidden Village in Whitewood for loaning many of the items that were used as props and decorations for the set.

Below are photographs taken during the March 13 production. Our thanks once more to our Platinum sponsors for their support of our photography. (NVCU, Kevin Zazula, Pharmasave Esterhazy, Crushrite Concrete, Maple Communications). Please open the viewer by clicking on the first thumbnail below. You can then progress from slide to slide to view the entire collection.

Permission is hereby given for Sow’s Belly Soup Group to use these images freely. However, it is required that credit be given to for these pictures when they are used online or offline.


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