Katie Miller’s new CD is getting noticed


You witness something very special when talking to creative people about their passion. Whether it’s an artist showing a new painting, an author explaining their new book, or a singer/songwriter sharing their latest song. It’s pure magic as the fusion of inspiration, enthusiasm and accomplishment is conveyed both in words and body language.

Local songbird Katie Miller is a living, breathing epitome of such enthusiasm. Music has been part of her life for as long as she can remember, and local performances have also characterized the expression of her gift over recent years. But now, her musical talent is being showcased in a new and more dynamic way. She has recorded and released her debut CD album, it’s called Silverflower, and it’s already gaining recognition out there on the airwaves.

katiealbumcoverRegina music commentator, Taron Cochrane, called the song “Prairie Sea” (from the album) a “Local Music Find of the Night” on Feb 18. He also said “Thank you for a song that I could listen to nine times on repeat tonight.”

The song paints a portrait of summer on the prairies, and was featured as the theme song for Embrace Theatre’s family production that toured the provincial parks in the summer of 2014.

Upon the release of the album on Bandcamp, Cochrane also posted on facebook, “Have you heard the debut album Silverflower from Esterhazy singer/songwriter Katie Miller? A well-written album documenting the highs and lows of life with heartfelt ballads, upbeat numbers and even some angst and smooth harmonica playing.”

Needless to say, Katie is delighted to receive such accolades, and so she should be. It takes great courage, determination and dedication to launch out on a solo career, to say nothing of the significant investment of energy and finances that goes into the creation of a CD album.

More exposure is coming tomorrow morning! On Saturday March 7th, “Prairie Sea” will play on CBC Saskatchewan (CBC Radio 1) just after the 8:00 a.m. news. Katie will also share some comments about the song before it is aired. After hearing the number, the program’s host, Dan Reynish called it “Superb.”

Katie’s album is now available for purchase either online or locally. CDs may be purchased in Esterhazy at Jocelyn’s Fine Art Gallery or Vibe interiors, and in Churchbridge at Sagebrush Studios. Those wishing to buy online, either as a physical CD or digital download, can do so on Bandcamp by following the link HERE. You can also listen to “Prairie Sea” at that link!

Katie’s also doing plenty of gigs across the province, and the very best place to find out all the buzz is at her website. Feel free to pop over to katiemiller.ca and bookmark that page for future visits.


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