Fight For Liam – in Tantallon on March 14

We know that life is not always a bed of roses, and into every life of light there inevitably comes a time of darkness. Yes, we know it, and we try to accept it when people are older, but when it happens to a child, somehow the questions are many and the answers few.

Today, I received the following email from Amanda Godwin. It is a heart-breaker. I pass it on to our readers so we can rally together and help where we can. Our prayers are with the family involved. – Kenneth

On behalf of my dear friend Brittany Barabonoff (Ryan), her family, and her little boy Liam – I am canvassing for items for a silent auction to be held at a Fundraiser for Liam in Tantallon on March 14.  Brittany grew up in Tantallon and went to school in Esterhazy.  She currently lives in Regina with her husband Chad, and their family.

Liam Ryan Barabonoff was born December 2012. Chad and Brittany Barabanoff were over the moon excited to welcome their big strong boy into the world. Weighing in at 8 lbs. 4 oz., he is the youngest child of three.

Liam has been battling brain cancer since August of 2013, defying all odds set out in front of him.  After surgery, aggressive chemo and radiation, Liam’s tumor was almost gone.  Recently, Chad & Brittany have found out that Liam’s brain tumor is back.  The next plan is to begin to give Liam oral chemo pills to prolong his life while the family figures out what the next step will be.

This has been the hardest thing for the Barabonoff’s to go through. Not only emotionally, but financially as well. Chad has had to take so much time off work to go back and forth to Calgary or hospitals or just to stay home and be with his family. Brittany has not been able to return to work because Liam was diagnosed before her maternity leave had even ended.

If you are willing to donate items for a silent auction, or just donate period – please contact me directly at 306-745-8024.  Items for the auction would be preferred to be received no later March 6th. 

I will also be selling supper tickets for the fundraising event as well.  March 14, in Tantallon.  Drinks, food, silent auction, 50-50.  $20.00 per ticket.  If you are interested in purchasing tickets for the event, please let me know.
See FIGHT FOR LIAM event page on Facebook.” – Amanda Godwin

Additionally, the facebook page states this…

We are having a benefit supper, silent auction, raffles and 50/50 in honour of Liam Barabonoff, who has been diagnosed with brain cancer for the third time. As you may know, doctors are only giving Liam 6-12 months with us.

They are an amazing family who have gone through way too much in the past year and a half. We all want to do something… anything… to try and ease the devastation. Join us for beef on a bun, salads and desserts, plus many raffle and silent auction items. All in support of the Barabonoff family.

Again, the facebook event page may be accessed HERE.

Contacts are:-

ARDEAN MAKI – 306-745-7496 (Cell)
ANGIE MAKI – 306-643-2682
AMANDA GODWIN – 306-745-8024 (Day) and 306-643-4913 (Evenings)
CRYSTAL KING – 306-434-8511

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