EsterhazyOnline is updated many times a week, and those updates can take place in multiple sections. This re-designed HOME page will be your guide to what’s new as and when it is placed. Note, we do not necessarily place items every day.

Thursday, October 23

  • REGINA:- Crop Report – October 14 to October 20 (HERE)
  • REGINA:- Report from the Legislature Oct 22 (HERE)

Wednesday, October 22

  • BANGOR:- Stockholm Legion donation to Bangor Morris Lodge (HERE)
  • ESTERHAZY:- Job vacancy posted for Noble Construction (HERE)

Monday, October 20

  • ESTERHAZY:- More events at the Art Gallery (HERE)

Sunday, October 19

  • ESTERHAZY:- Angels Adoptions – Bolt (HERE)
  • REGINA:- Report from the Legislature (HERE)
  • REGINA:- Crop Report – October 7 to October 13 (HERE)

Thursday, October 16

  • ESTERHAZY:- Job posted for front desk agents at Canalta (HERE)
  • YORKTON:- Maple Communications cuts the ribbon (HERE)
  • ESTERHAZY:- Halloween cabaret announced (HERE)
  • THE REGION:- Wagantall running in Conservative Nomination (HERE)
  • STOCKHOLM:- The results are in for Farm fundraiser (HERE)
  • ESTERHAZY:- Skate Esterhazy season well on its way (HERE)

Wednesday, October 15

  • ESTERHAZY:- Council meetings, September bullets (HERE)
  • STOCKHOLM:- NVCU Donates to historic church roof fund (HERE)
  • ESTERHAZY:- Some quick community announcements… (HERE)
  • REGINA:- It’s Co-operative week in Saskatchewan (HERE)
  • ESTERHAZY:- NVCU donates $25,000 to hospital fund (HERE)

Sunday, October 12

  • SITE NEWS:-  Taking a short break folks… (HERE)

Friday, October 10

  • ESTERHAZY:- Pond drained at Historical Park (HERE)
  • ESTERHAZY:- NVCU will celebrate Co-op week (HERE)
  • ESTERHAZY:- Property of the week – 507 Babyak St (HERE)
  • REGINA:- Report from the Legislature (HERE)

Thursday, October 9

  • ESTERHAZY:- A splash of colour! (HERE)
  • ESTERHAZY:- Job posting for JJ’s Steak House (HERE)
  • REGINA:- Flu clinics to open soon across province (HERE)
  • REGINA:- Crop Report – September 30 to October 6 (HERE)
  • NEUDORF:- New culvert for Highway 22 (HERE)

Tuesday, October 7

  • GOOD IDEAS:- The Attraction of Action (HERE)
  • ESTERHAZY:- Dress for the Cause – Deneille Noble (HERE)

Monday, October 6

  • RM OF ROCANVILLE:- Property of the week – An acreage (HERE)
  • ESTERHAZY:- 501 Audio announces “Dwarf” promotion (HERE)
  • ESTERHAZY:- Face Painting class to benefit people in Uganda (HERE)
  • ESTERHAZY:- Donations now being received for Rummage Sale (HERE)
  • ESTERHAZY:- A look at the new EHS scoreboard (HERE)

Thursday, October 2

  • ESTERHAZY:- EHS Principal’s message & October Newsletter (HERE)
  • ESTERHAZY:- News from the Curling Club (HERE)
  • ESTERHAZY:- Macro Properties has posted a job opening (HERE)
  • REGINA:- Crop Report – September 23 to September 29 (HERE)
  • ESTERHAZY:- Matt Johnson continues to excel (HERE)

Tuesday, September 30

  • ESTERHAZY:- New program features local artists at Art Gallery (HERE)
  • ESTERHAZY:- New job posting on behalf of E.H.A (HERE)
  • YORKTON:- Miss Canada World to speak at Yorkton event (HERE)
  • ESTERHAZY:- October is Donor’s Choice month (HERE)

Saturday, September 27

  • ESTERHAZY:- Property of the Week, 705 Gonczy Ave (HERE)
  • YORKTON:- Big Brothers Big Sisters receives donation (HERE)
  • ESTERHAZY:- History came alive at Museum this morning (HERE)

Friday, September 26

  • GOOD IDEAS:- The Power of the Mastermind (HERE)
  • REGINA:- Ottenbreit appointed Minister of rural/remote health (HERE)
  • STOCKHOLM:- NVCU’s Cooking burgers till 1:30 (HERE)

Thursday, September 25

  • ESTERHAZY:- Brad Johner concert update (HERE)
  • GOOD IDEAS:- The Importance of Vision (HERE)
  • REGINA:- Crop Report for September 16 to September 22 (HERE)

Wednesday, September 24

  • GOOD IDEAS:- The Blessing of Dissatisfaction (HERE)
  • BUSINESS:- See our photo gallery of new fashions at Flair (HERE)
  • STOCKHOLM:- Canola combined for Macdonald school (HERE)
  • ESTERHAZY:-Dusting off the displays” (HERE)
  • UPCOMING EVENTS:- Scouts events on Sept 27 + Oct 18 (HERE)
  • UPCOMING EVENTS:- Esterhazy Music Boosters Inc, Oct 21 (HERE)